Monday, April 03, 2006

Left and its contradictions!!!-1

Nuke Deal is bad ..why.. beacuse US is dumping technology,just making us spend money on something that we don't need..Left says so

China attacked us after promising to be our friend,India is becoming a dumping ground for Chinese goods,they showed Sikkim in Chinese territory.. but trade relations with China are surprisingly never condemned!..


Vibha said...

the Indian left has never made themselves more irrelevant than now.
stuck in a time warp, they are confused about their own ideology.
sadly, they have forgotten their own history.

hochika said...

Yups , in west bengal too ... hypocrisy distinctly comes across when the buddhadeb government advocates privatisation in retail , real estate etc whereas the left at the centre clearly vindicates any such reforms at the national level .... utter crap !!

Mayank said...

did u read my blog on if we had a marxist PM?