Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happiness and R

April 23rd…. The day I had been planning out for six months right from the insignificant clutch to the ultra expensive (strictly by my standards) saris … yes it was my wedding day!!
I had looked at a 100 beauticians before resigning myself rather grudgingly to a mediocre one…was unsure about the venue itself due its unattractive location… had high doubts regarding the decorator… and was paranoid about the living arrangements for R’s family... And to top it all the power supply decided to play truant midway through my makeup session…In short I knew we were heading towards a disaster
As I walked into the wedding hall in all my fineries and mind full of wedding logistics issues, I saw R standing there smiling… and suddenly all the planning for six months seemed irrelevant …
I don’t remember how the mandap looked or the food tasted… I didn’t care how fat I looked in the sari or how white I looked in the makeup… All I remember is it was one of the happiest days of my life and all that I planned for didn’t contribute one bit to it!!!