Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Moment

I crib about working on a 800 slider ppt... I crib about about my eyes watering and fingers twitching by the sheer amount of Ctrl C and Ctrl V done in a span of one hour...I crib about doing such ordinary work that even your average joe would feel like a star...

A young engineer walks by the cabin... stops for a second ... comes into my cabin and tells me " Your analysis on blah blah really helped us negotiate better and I must say your excel skills are amazing could you teach me a few tricks...And could you tell me where you did your MBA from... how did you get into consulting...".

The cribbing melts away and gives room to a zillion watt smile.... My own lil ' oh my god she's a hot shot consultant ' moment! I can now be laid off in peace!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

21st Century?

2 MBA Grads fretting over a lost piece of clothing... suspect the house help of stealing it and replacing it with a neatly darned one ... probably cos she wanted a new one... ( replacing funda difficult to digest but imaginable).. so 2 things ... the lost clothing and the neatly darned replica of the same that has made a mysterious appearance into the house... DG ( the MBA grad whose clothing has been robbed) tries the replica and fits her perfectly!!

Discussion gets serious... KG whispers " I think she wants to do some kind of black magic... she robbed your clothing to cast a spell on you ... you should never be rude to such ppl! My Mom always tells me pls pls keep your clothes safely at home ( not cash, not your cards , not your laptop but your clothes)"

I overhear this ...think DG must be on the floor in peals of laughter... DG gasps " Really !! Im so scared... what should be done now... " Discussion moves onto possible remedies and when I go and chide them for being so regressive and unscientific... DG gives a gem " Science is based on hypothesis so its as vague as black magic " ( wotever happ to observations, corroboration and inferences)...

The night ended with weird discussions on astrology, blowing on hair before throwing it away,stepping on a lime and DG rushing to the bathroom for a bath to cleanse herself of the microorganims for that the NDR (Neatly Darned Replica duh!) might be carrying from the househelp's shanty(huuurrrraaaaaay the slim ray of scientific and rational thinking !!)