Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Moment

I crib about working on a 800 slider ppt... I crib about about my eyes watering and fingers twitching by the sheer amount of Ctrl C and Ctrl V done in a span of one hour...I crib about doing such ordinary work that even your average joe would feel like a star...

A young engineer walks by the cabin... stops for a second ... comes into my cabin and tells me " Your analysis on blah blah really helped us negotiate better and I must say your excel skills are amazing could you teach me a few tricks...And could you tell me where you did your MBA from... how did you get into consulting...".

The cribbing melts away and gives room to a zillion watt smile.... My own lil ' oh my god she's a hot shot consultant ' moment! I can now be laid off in peace!

1 comment:

kArthIk said...

heh! moments like that are nice..