Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jeene ke Ishaare!

Subi always teases me that every song that flashes on any channel,my standard reaction 'I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THAT SONG'....yes I tend to like anything that barely manages to qualify as a tune...( I have been caught humming Jhalak Dikhalaja-Himesh...so you can imagine)
But more than the tune it is the lyrics that have always appealed to me and being the mushy emotional fool that I am anything romantic makes me go weak in the knees...
In the last couple of years though very few songs have really made an impact with their lyrics but there is this one song that I absolutely love...'Jeene ke Ishaare'-Phir Milenge...The song in context to the movie has a different meaning but for me it signifies just feeling good about yourself...
The song is dedicated to anything and everything that makes you feel happy,that makes you optimistic in the worst of the situations...at different points of time, different things,different people have done this to me...made me feel nice,cheered me up when I was low ,inspired me and taught me to have fun....This song is for all of those things/people!!

Kuch Khushbuyen Yaadon Ke Jungal Se Beh Chali
Kuch Khidkiyan Lamhon Ke Dastak Pe Khul Gayi
Kuch Geeth Purane Rakhe The Sirhaane
Kuch Sur Kahin Khoye The Bandish Mil Gaye
Jeene Ke Ishare Mil Gaye Bichde The Kinare Mil Gaye

Meri Zindagi Main Teri Baarish Kya Hui
Mere Raste Darya Bane Behne Lage
Meri Karvaton Ko Tune Aake Kya Chhua
Kahin Khwab Neendon Ki Gali Rehne Lage
Jeene Ke...Kinare Mil Gaye
Meri Loh Havaaon Se Jhagadkar Lee Uthi
Mere Har Andhere Ko Ujale Pee Gaye
Tune Hasken Mujhse Muskurane Ko Kaha
Mere Man Ke Mausam Gulmohar Se Ho Gaye
Jeene Ke...Kinare Mil Gaye

Monday, March 12, 2007

Hobbies?? Passion??

Hobbies... a word that has scared me before every interview...a column that threatens to be empty in every application form...the lack of which sometimes shows me as a very unidimensional person...
Well to think of it I haven't been hobby-less...I ve learnt classical music,dabbled with painting,am a fairly well-read person and have also tried my hand at dancing.But haven't been really passionate about any of the above.So, before the numerous B-school interviews I did a lot of introspection on what really excited me in the extracurricular field and I zeroed in on two of my so called hobbies..
1) Hindi Film Music(Listening and Singing)
2) Cooking
So my posts from now on are going to be dedicated to these passions in my life....

Friday, January 12, 2007

Tying the Knot

...Loved Raga's wedding invitation card...it said 'we r tying the knot' and there was this knotted satin piece...
Tying the knot(physically) in a marriage has been a very Indian custom...surprising (mebbe it has no relation to the indian custom) it has found its way to the english language...