Friday, January 12, 2007

Tying the Knot

...Loved Raga's wedding invitation said 'we r tying the knot' and there was this knotted satin piece...
Tying the knot(physically) in a marriage has been a very Indian custom...surprising (mebbe it has no relation to the indian custom) it has found its way to the english language...

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rahul nair said...

not very surprising actually..
before engagement rings came around.. couples wore knotted beads/cords around various parts of their bodies.. to show their union..

even durin catholic weddings.. if u notice.. the old custom was.. when the priest makes the groom n bride recite their vows.. their hands r held together.. n the places a sash over their hands.. i suspect in earlier times.. it must have been an actual rope tat bound them.. but with time.. it became a more civilised sash..

im sure if u look around further.. more cultures still have some form of "tying the knot" to symbolize marriage..

enuf of the gyaan .. hey sam.. wens raaga's wedding re???
ho gaya kya???