Sunday, April 30, 2006


Okkkk…how many times have u guys done this…

When u don’t know the lyrics of a song and u sing with a group… You jus lip sync so that every one thinks u r singing…or u jus mumble something that jus merges with the sound that the group is making…

When 5 of you are lifting something heavy…you jus pretend that you are lifting while infact the other four are taking all the load and you are jus well faking lifting it….

Whenever a group is talking about something and you really don’t know a shit about the topic…you just vigorously nod your head with generic comments like ‘I know’…’yeah they r so foolish’’yeah I completely agree with u!”

Hilarious!!!(Reminds me of Rachit!!)

Joey: If homosapiens were actually HOMO - SAPIENS is that why they are extinct!
Ross: Joey homosapiens are people!!
Joey: Hey… I’m not judging!!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

For all the foodies!

Although reading gives it tough competition...eating is my number one passion!! and eating out at that....I am a strict follower of 'I LIVE TO EAT'( My round shape speaks for ittself!)
I may not have huge quantities but I love eating out and here go my list of fav eatouts in Mumbai and around ( Navi Mumbai)
1)Discovery:(four bungalows,opp stomach,Andheri-W)The quantity is simply marvellous.won't vouch for the quality but it isn't too bad either infact its good!!!value for money place!
2)Five Spice( behind RBI,CST):been hre jus once..Again quantity is superb as well as the quality!and the desserts are simply fab....try the starwberry cheese cake!!!
3)Stomach( Bandra): all western suburb dwellers vouch for the chinese food at this place and the place def matches up to the praise!!!have the 70 rs Non veg meal here ...paisa vasool meaL
1)Luckys(Bandra): the best biryani I have had
2) Bade Miyas(Do I need to tell u abt this place!):Delicious Kababs..but mind u terribly overpriced for a roadside dhaba!
3)Jai Jawan( Bandra): Awesome seeekh kababs!!!!
4)aand my favourite is Signature at four bungalows again...not very well known but the chef really whips up some delicious Mughlai food!!!
1) Andheri station...forgot the name...awesome dahi poori and ragda patties!!!
2) Matunga name just a roadside chaat wala..this guy is always crowded...try his DAhi puri and sev puri... supposed to be one of the nest in Mumbai
3) RamShyam( some thing like that at santacruz)..overpriced but hygenic uses mineral water...good sev puri!
4) and my all time fav......Panipuri at near Jhamas..mind you not at Jhamas...the bets panipuri I have had...has paneer and kaju as plate of panipuri blows away all my blues!!!
SEAFOOD( though I quit non veg)
1) Gajalee(Vile parle(E)): Nice .traditional malvani food try the bangada fry..yummy!!
2) Mahesh Lunch Home(Juhu): the best seafood I have had in Mumbai!!!
Have got so many on the list..frankies,sizzlers,pastas,vada pav,bouffets...but now writing about food... imverrry hungry.. have to for a jam sandwich break!!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Being an absolute wastrel!

8:30 : Enter office
8:35 Log on to orkut and pagal guy
8: 40: breakfast
9:00: Im still having can wait!
9:15: start orkutting
9:30: engrossed in following lives of people who I have never even smiled at in my life
10:40 Still engrossed in collecting gossip from the life of people who don't matter to me alongwith downloading music .
10:45: Su calls..Coffee
11:30: Excahnging notes on the lives of people on orkut interspersed with random bitchings about socialist and communists interspersed with I didn't get into the IIM cries
1:10 : Checked blogs, 3rd list of spjain( no name found)posted one more crappy blog in the mean 1: 10 leave for lunch.
2:00: take my own sweet time to finish lunch cos lunch means gossiping about people in office.who quit,who seeing whom,who played dirty politics to get ahead.
2:05: okie disgusting..hit the loo for a 15 min nap ...I tell u its the purrrrfect place for offices that lack common rooms!Has to be a clean loo but.
3:30: checked out discussions in pagal guy,start reading " love in the time of cholera"..said hi to random ppl on orkut and 3:30 leave for a soup break
4:45: come back from soup break start reading book again
5:30: leave for jam butter sandwich break ( no wonder my clothes dont fit me nemore!)
5: 45 : Come back.Boss has come back from meeting.Quickly paste Love in the time of cholera onto a word file with L&T header and start typing TECHNO COMMERCIAL OFFER BLAH BLAH
6:15: Shut down computer.Pack bags and run to get the window seat in the Bus.
Conclusion: Life as a wastrel in simply perfect.I just pray that noone disrupts this

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Greatest Leveller!

Technology is the greatest leveller.... I believe social equality can only survive in a nation which is technologically strong.

This weekend I was amazed to see how technology has really helped bridge the gap between various stratas in society.
I saw ordinary middle class people...(mind you not the call centre or IT people).. people working in factories,mills,small shops having digital cameras and mobile phones.Technology has given them a chance to enjoy life with sophisticated gadgets.Some might say they don't need it,they are being forced to buy it by the increasing commercialisation of our society.Maybe they don't,but looking at it the other without feeling the pinch in their pockets they are able to afford there luxuries.They can now rise beyong just earning to meet their needs!Today a guy coming in a speed boat and a guy coming in the ordinary ferry stand together at Alibag(I went there for the weekend) ,have digital cameras(same make) to click pictures!

Deregularisation has allowed market forces to use cutting edge technology to enhance the lives of millions of Indians.The field where technology can unleash its strength and change the face of our economy and society is agriculture,health care and primary education.If only the so called socialists realise the power of technology(they do...cause they spout their crap from HP computers and laptops).If only the government doesn't look to the left and keeps looking in the right direction!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Left and its contradictions!!!-1

Nuke Deal is bad ..why.. beacuse US is dumping technology,just making us spend money on something that we don't need..Left says so

China attacked us after promising to be our friend,India is becoming a dumping ground for Chinese goods,they showed Sikkim in Chinese territory.. but trade relations with China are surprisingly never condemned!..