Thursday, April 20, 2006

Being an absolute wastrel!

8:30 : Enter office
8:35 Log on to orkut and pagal guy
8: 40: breakfast
9:00: Im still having can wait!
9:15: start orkutting
9:30: engrossed in following lives of people who I have never even smiled at in my life
10:40 Still engrossed in collecting gossip from the life of people who don't matter to me alongwith downloading music .
10:45: Su calls..Coffee
11:30: Excahnging notes on the lives of people on orkut interspersed with random bitchings about socialist and communists interspersed with I didn't get into the IIM cries
1:10 : Checked blogs, 3rd list of spjain( no name found)posted one more crappy blog in the mean 1: 10 leave for lunch.
2:00: take my own sweet time to finish lunch cos lunch means gossiping about people in office.who quit,who seeing whom,who played dirty politics to get ahead.
2:05: okie disgusting..hit the loo for a 15 min nap ...I tell u its the purrrrfect place for offices that lack common rooms!Has to be a clean loo but.
3:30: checked out discussions in pagal guy,start reading " love in the time of cholera"..said hi to random ppl on orkut and 3:30 leave for a soup break
4:45: come back from soup break start reading book again
5:30: leave for jam butter sandwich break ( no wonder my clothes dont fit me nemore!)
5: 45 : Come back.Boss has come back from meeting.Quickly paste Love in the time of cholera onto a word file with L&T header and start typing TECHNO COMMERCIAL OFFER BLAH BLAH
6:15: Shut down computer.Pack bags and run to get the window seat in the Bus.
Conclusion: Life as a wastrel in simply perfect.I just pray that noone disrupts this


Sorabh said...

Hey Saumya,
Think you have a great sense of humour. But I can relate with you, I work in the same place as you do ;)

Saumya said...

Hey sohrab...dont all of us feel the same..BORED AT WORK!!!...neways where do u work?

Sorabh said...

I have a theory: Everyone likes to not work unless forced to. To answer your question, am also at L&T. Yes, right now, I would rather be in a quite place reading the english patient.

Saumya said... so u know im from L& abt uniform work culture across L&T!!! hehehe !! Do I know you?? Whichh div of L&T?? and hey even I wanna read English Patient!

Sorabh said...

Ha Ha have worked across a couple of firms now, trust me the work culture is the same across firm, esp the big ones. They are like oceans, you can just lie in a corner and do nothing...

I suspect you are at Infotech? I finished with the English Ppatient last night, now reading a James Michner.

Suhas said...

I doubt life is gonna be like this at NITIE... :)

Saumya said...

am sure will be the same at NITIE...its known to be one of the evry few B-Schools where u can have an eight hour sleep!

sanjana said...

what you can also do is
1. open
2. then open an arbit query/discussion thread

3.hit <alt+TAB> when boss steps in (and try to look busy here!)

Kappa said...

hey saumya,

this friend of mine, shreya directed me to your blog.

and its funny. i might just be starting a job.( if i get it )
but i saw office space last night and now i read your post.

i love it. you actually get paid to do all of that.

hey next time, when at work check this website out,

its about intraterrestial life and
the "fact" that the earth is actually hollow

take care

Saumya said...

hey sanjana and kappa,
Thnx for making my office hours more worthwhile than just looging on to orkut!!!..will check out the earth is hollow link!

Batty said...


rachit said...

my orkut waale blog kaa idea germinated from this blog of urs only

d_grail said...

am actually wonderin if wrkin aint dat bad!!

d_grail said...
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Saumya said...

@ dgrail..working is good as long as u get the salary and they allow u to while away ur time!!!:):) seriously all the ppl on the bench or not getting work cos they have resigned will have the same itineray and it can get frustrating at times!

harsha said...

hehe...gud article....just came by ur blog!

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