Thursday, March 23, 2006


The Oscars beat me.
Syriana.Just one word for the movie …Brilliant!
The movie revolved around the energy crisis the world is facing today. The director did an amazing job of portraying how vested interests are exploiting the chaos in the Middle East for their own benefit. A gripping plot, crisp editing, decent performances and above all very realistic movie!
Compare this to the winner Crash…Very delicate and relevant subject racism. Agreed that the film subtly depicts racism in its various forms, but the movie didn’t really get me thinking. It was just a few incidents put together. Definitely did not deserve the honour of the best movie

Thursday, March 16, 2006

To my Best friend!!!

I hated classifying friends…. never understood the definitions…close friend, best friend good friend, special friend…My friends included everyone whom I loved hanging around with and noone was ever rated in terms of my closeness to them…

This continued at my workplace…. Met up with a cool gang of people and I loved the time I spent with them and he was just a part of the group…. We never got too close but weren’t very distant too…

Started off by just acknowledging each others presence at the printer…Moved on to occasional His and byes…. slowly we started hanging out together….even then we were never close…he made me my first drink….still he remained an acquaintance….. he spent occasional nights at my place watching movies.…Just him and me....but our phone calls never went beyond mono syllables….. We had conversations through the night till dawn a couple of times…. still never got too close to each other…. there was always this strange kind of barrier….. But surprisingly whenever I felt low I knew only he could make me fine…whenever I was happy I knew I just wanted to share it with him… but still never felt like kept in touch with him on a daily basis…but still wanted to just keep in touch with him…

And today I just can’t keep the phone down while talking to him… I talk to him in the morning… to through the day…sleep off talking to him…. And still I know we might just stop all of this and still be fine with it…. He will still be the only person I would like to share all my thoughts, dreams and feelings with!!
And finally I can say HE is my best friend!!!!