Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Left Fam yesterday …was waiting for the day I left it but looking back Fam means so much to me…
… Fam saw me living away from family
…. Fam saw me wash my own clothes
… Fam saw me make my own bed, food and handle finances
… Fam saw me deal with heartbreak
… Fam saw me have my first drink
… Fam saw me deal with weird roommates and then nice roommates (Neha, Krupa & Sejal)
… Fam saw me get an IIM GD call
… Fam saw me making great friends at office
… Fam saw me have endless ‘orguments’ with one
… Fam saw me take CAT again
… Fam saw me fail at it again…
… Fam saw me have a great time with Su
… Fam saw me find my best friend in Su
… Fam saw me dejected with not a single call
… Fam saw me elated with a surprise Nitie call
Today as I leave FAM I feel
… Fam saw me grow up in the true sense!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Reservations with Reservations!!

My head hangs down in shame to say that I am citizen of this country when I look at the politicians and I stand up with pride when I look at the doctors opposing them. I salute this movement, which opposes the killing of meritocracy. It is easy to say that the country is going to the dogs and migrate to the US, what takes true courage is to standup against this and make sure that you don’t have to migrate. Anyways won’t be able to do justice to this topic…here is an excerpt from the which says it all!!!I join this movement and vow to participate in all the rallies happening in my city &request all of u to join this movement because it is for the better future for the generations to come. Lets not get overpowered by the politicians and their agenda!!!

About 100 of our friends, student and alumni of India's best medical colleges joined by IITians have been without food for last 5 days at AIIMS in Delhi. Hundreds others were brutally beaten by Mumbai and Delhi police for protesting peacefully. Thousands of students, doctors and software engineers have taken to streets in Kolkata, Bangalore and Ahmedabad under the scorching summer sun. They are fighting for a cause that affects the whole nation. Doesn't the bravery and sacrifice of these 20-something youths from the best engineering and medical colleges of India make you feel ashamed?? Well friends, each of us will fight for a cause that affects us individually, but, it is only the brave, the courageous, who stand for a cause that affects others also.
Why we oppose reservation?1) It is going to kill meritocracy, and hence destroy India's image as a technology hub.2) It is dividing India into caste lines which our freedom fighters and social reformers fought so hard to eliminate.3) It is against the fundamental right to equality as safeguarded by the Constitution of India.4) The benefits of reservation have been denied to really deserving people by the rich and powerful in their own classes. 5) Reservation is just a populist measure used by politicians for electoral gains.

This is not just a protest against reservation. This is to ignite the young minds of the urban youth that you must care for the society, majority of whom are poor and underprivileged, otherwise politicians like Arjun Singh will exploit these weaker section with false promises. It is no hidden truth that the benefit of quotas in IIT, IIM and AIIMS will goto the rich OBCs in urban India while the really deserving backward people do not even have access to basic primary education. What we need is quality and compulsory primary education so that by the time the so-called backward class students come to the college entrance level, they are ready to compete with all. Dont limit the seats in higher education where competition is already cut-throat. Intake ratio in AIIMS is around 1000:1 and 100:1 in IIT/IIMs. So you must raise your voice against this retrograde and divisive policy being formulated by HRD Ministry.
In the end we won't remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends. Jai Hind !

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

To Bappi Da!

This post is dedicated to one of the greatest composers of our times…the person who has given us unforgettable tunes that generations will sing along with…the man himself…Bappi Lahiri!!!
Few fav songs…his songs have fab lyrics too..I mean does he have a hand in writing those???
a) “I am a Disco dancer…jus love this paragraph
Yeh log kehte the main tabhi gata tha jab bol pata nahi tha(Vidu and me jus loved this line)
Yeh paav mere to tabhi thirakte the jab chalna aata nahi tha
Naghmon ki masssti hai meri jawani meian…hai dance meri lahoo ki rawani me!!!(hehehehe…no im not laughing.. Bappida himself does it…the laugh of the oh so self consumed disco dancer!!!)”

b)The 2nd favourite is…
“ You r my chicken are my fish fry
Kabhi na kehna kudiye bye bye
You r my samosa…you are my masala dosa
Main na kahoongi mundeya bye bye bye!!!”

c) and the famous…
“Gutur gutur…”

And my current fav…although composed by Vishal Shekhar
“sone ki rahon mein sone ko jagah nahi…
Shola hai yah hai bijuria
Dil ki bajaria…bambai nagariya!!”

Long live Bappi da!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I hate...

I hate:
1) People saying that they are in love start having their whole life revolve around a person.(whatever happened to inviduality)
2) They say they are in love so allow themselves to be debased by the person, lose their self-respect to the person… who is just having fun at their expense.
3) People who blindly believe that everything that the person says is true and his/her opinion becomes of utmost importance.
4) And above all they believe that the person is nice and just refuse to accept any criticism of him
5) And if they finally get down to leaving that person they feel miserable and just fall for the next eligible person they find!

Have seen so many ppl like this …smart ones at that… am not cynical but sometimes I feel…Love is not only blind…it also causes mental retardation at times.