Wednesday, May 17, 2006

To Bappi Da!

This post is dedicated to one of the greatest composers of our times…the person who has given us unforgettable tunes that generations will sing along with…the man himself…Bappi Lahiri!!!
Few fav songs…his songs have fab lyrics too..I mean does he have a hand in writing those???
a) “I am a Disco dancer…jus love this paragraph
Yeh log kehte the main tabhi gata tha jab bol pata nahi tha(Vidu and me jus loved this line)
Yeh paav mere to tabhi thirakte the jab chalna aata nahi tha
Naghmon ki masssti hai meri jawani meian…hai dance meri lahoo ki rawani me!!!(hehehehe…no im not laughing.. Bappida himself does it…the laugh of the oh so self consumed disco dancer!!!)”

b)The 2nd favourite is…
“ You r my chicken are my fish fry
Kabhi na kehna kudiye bye bye
You r my samosa…you are my masala dosa
Main na kahoongi mundeya bye bye bye!!!”

c) and the famous…
“Gutur gutur…”

And my current fav…although composed by Vishal Shekhar
“sone ki rahon mein sone ko jagah nahi…
Shola hai yah hai bijuria
Dil ki bajaria…bambai nagariya!!”

Long live Bappi da!


Mayank said...

u forgot to write abt bappi da sueing a us rockstar for copyright infringement!!

remember "tama tama loge" frm thaane daar?

Saumya said...

yess!!! can i forget that!!!

Anonymous said...

hi!!! can u pls temme the name of this song? been tryin to figure it out since long.plsss help me-sone ki rahon mein sone ko jagah nahi…
Shola hai yah hai bijuria
Dil ki bajaria…bambai nagari. id is

Anonymous said...

Hi Saumya, thanks for all the info, this is Adithya.
Can I know the birthday of Bappi da. If possible more of his personal profile. Hoping a quick reply.

Philosophers Inc said...

Just happened to pass by your blog....

You forgot to mention his amazing fashion sense :) He was one of the first kings of the bling!!

Hope he does not copy any of my music!