Monday, April 17, 2006

The Greatest Leveller!

Technology is the greatest leveller.... I believe social equality can only survive in a nation which is technologically strong.

This weekend I was amazed to see how technology has really helped bridge the gap between various stratas in society.
I saw ordinary middle class people...(mind you not the call centre or IT people).. people working in factories,mills,small shops having digital cameras and mobile phones.Technology has given them a chance to enjoy life with sophisticated gadgets.Some might say they don't need it,they are being forced to buy it by the increasing commercialisation of our society.Maybe they don't,but looking at it the other without feeling the pinch in their pockets they are able to afford there luxuries.They can now rise beyong just earning to meet their needs!Today a guy coming in a speed boat and a guy coming in the ordinary ferry stand together at Alibag(I went there for the weekend) ,have digital cameras(same make) to click pictures!

Deregularisation has allowed market forces to use cutting edge technology to enhance the lives of millions of Indians.The field where technology can unleash its strength and change the face of our economy and society is agriculture,health care and primary education.If only the so called socialists realise the power of technology(they do...cause they spout their crap from HP computers and laptops).If only the government doesn't look to the left and keeps looking in the right direction!


Suhas said...

Yeah.. technological progress somehow eludues those *socialist* who still live in their era of the hammer and the sickle... (long after it has crumbled...)

Anything which results in the betterment of the country's infrastructure is termed as our *defeat to the evil ways of capitalism* and *a servile policy*

hochika said...

simply put ... orkut has made my life way easier .

Saumya said...

Yes would we have ever lived this notice period without orkut!!!:):)

vaib said...

u have summarised one of the 'flattners' discussed by thomas friedman in 'the world is flat'
quite a gud adaption to local scenario

Saumya said...

Hey vaib..havent read the book...wanted to since a long time will read it to see how he has approached this topic!