Tuesday, April 25, 2006

For all the foodies!

Although reading gives it tough competition...eating is my number one passion!! and eating out at that....I am a strict follower of 'I LIVE TO EAT'( My round shape speaks for ittself!)
I may not have huge quantities but I love eating out and experimenting....so here go my list of fav eatouts in Mumbai and around ( Navi Mumbai)
1)Discovery:(four bungalows,opp stomach,Andheri-W)The quantity is simply marvellous.won't vouch for the quality but it isn't too bad either infact its good!!!value for money place!
2)Five Spice( behind RBI,CST):been hre jus once..Again quantity is superb as well as the quality!and the desserts are simply fab....try the starwberry cheese cake!!!
3)Stomach( Bandra): all western suburb dwellers vouch for the chinese food at this place and the place def matches up to the praise!!!have the 70 rs Non veg meal here ...paisa vasool meaL
1)Luckys(Bandra): the best biryani I have had
2) Bade Miyas(Do I need to tell u abt this place!):Delicious Kababs..but mind u terribly overpriced for a roadside dhaba!
3)Jai Jawan( Bandra): Awesome seeekh kababs!!!!
4)aand my favourite is Signature at four bungalows again...not very well known but the chef really whips up some delicious Mughlai food!!!
1) Andheri station...forgot the name...awesome dahi poori and ragda patties!!!
2) Matunga station..no name just a roadside chaat wala..this guy is always crowded...try his DAhi puri and sev puri... supposed to be one of the nest in Mumbai
3) RamShyam( some thing like that at santacruz)..overpriced but hygenic uses mineral water...good sev puri!
4) and my all time fav......Panipuri at near Jhamas..mind you not at Jhamas...the bets panipuri I have had...has paneer and kaju as fillings..one plate of panipuri blows away all my blues!!!
SEAFOOD( though I quit non veg)
1) Gajalee(Vile parle(E)): Nice .traditional malvani food try the bangada fry..yummy!!
2) Mahesh Lunch Home(Juhu): the best seafood I have had in Mumbai!!!
Have got so many on the list..frankies,sizzlers,pastas,vada pav,bouffets...but now writing about food... imverrry hungry.. have to for a jam sandwich break!!!!


Suhas said...

And since sam is not a chocolate freak... For all the chocolate freaks try.. Mission Imposible/Death By Chocolate/Rock Roads at Five Spice..

And sam how could you miss the sizzling browniw at New yorkers..


Saumya said...


RagzZmatazZ said...

dadar station samosa pav
Gupta ji Samosa pav
Lassi @ our naaka
paper dosa @ appointment
Chinese @ dynasty

Okay I am a seriously deprived child.

Batty said...

awesome...shdnt have a problem searching for these in mumbai with you around...

Saumya said...

@raggie...u r deprived...!!! but dynasty chinese is bad now!
@batty...always a pleasure to introduce ppl to mumbai food!

rachit said...

i m hungry...
yummy..good job saumya

rahul nair said...

thou has sinned...for thou decreed chocolate in the darker(sinful??) form as disgusting..

oye moti.. wana have lunch at mahesh lunch home this weekend..???
let me kno if ure free.. me n shruti will be there..

hochika said...

sam !!
how cud u 4get apna fav haunt ... the chat waala near sunny'z place !! and the brownies at candies ....also crispy chicken at shettyz {sniff sniff} ...m getting all senti now :D

Saumya said...

Brownies yesss!!!! crispy chicken or crispy crow...!!!hehehe

Dexter said...
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Anonymous said...

pani puri near city light cinema mahim

kailash pani puri wallah or something ;)