Friday, December 09, 2005

....Things that bring a smile to my face!

Whenever I feel low...I jus rewind bak to my college days....they were undoubtedly the most happening days of my life( yeah yeah i know its the most happening time in everyones life) are a few incidents that really make me smile....
1)Sunny in Mane's class...
Mane: Paminder aka Sunny,what is darlington pair?
Sunny: ( looking a lil stunned...shruti as usual tryin to prompt him...sunny starts of confidently) Darlington pair is two transistors in ebababbababbejwebebeb( jibberish)......
Yes sunnny actually said it was hilarious!!!!!and Mane's expression was worth a million bucks!

2)The joggers park incident where I still maintain that I was wrongly accused of producing a foul was tht ol man!!!! BUt I know the golden gang insists im framing the poor ol man and the famous lne'Sheee Sam farted' and ' Smelly sam smelly sam..what are they feeding you'!!!!

and the winner must have tol it a thousand times to thousand pppl but it still rocks
3) Rahul and me at ullus place....jus entered his place....we take a seat on his couch... Ullu emerges from the bedroom...after exchanging pleasantries suddenly ullu notices sumthin on the couch.....A GENTS UNDERWEAR....
Shoots accusing glances at Rahul and me asks us in an irritated tone'Whose is it?'
This statement infuriates Rahul no end and then comes the statement of the decade.....
'You B&#@%^ think the first thing that we do when we go to people's houses is remove our underwears and throw them on teh couch!!!!
.....heheheheh this one makes me smile in the lowest of my lows...ahh I miss those college days!!!!


hochika said...

U wont believe this , but i'm actually laughin rite now !! BITCH !! :)

u 4got to mention parmar n talele n ....the list goes on :)

rahul nair said...

u 4got to mention the extension of the underwear incident.
another time we were there.. once again a gents underwear on the couch.
suny threatens to throw it on me.. i threaten to throw it out.. he throws it at me..i throw it out..(of the window).
ullaas (watchin this.. has the trademark "ullaas" look)...just stands there..

sam.. n dont u dare forget the tag teamin of me n suny durin parmars.. hehe.. case of
"dekhu to dekhu kaha... daye taraf shaitan.. baye..kuaa..!!!"

btw.. did i tell u.. i saw suzy givin NMAT on sunday..

SOO-BEER said...

this is too funny !!!