Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Love Actually

A very, very clichéd and trite question…. What is Love? …..
At sixteen,I had this huge crush on this very cute guy in my class……we smiled at each other in lectures…..I caught him staring at me quite a few times…..and one day I found chit in my bag saying ‘I Love you’……..at that stage it was ultimate love for me…. the guy I like actually liked me back…..I passed out of school, I felt a little sad that we were parting and my ‘love story ended’….

At nineteen, things changed a little…the guy I liked played great football and volleyball…we used to have loooong chats over the phone… He wooed me in style …took me to the best places in town. …Pampered me with gifts…whispered sweet nothings…I liked being with him…at the end of the day I had someone to hang around with …….it was a sense of security…. I thought ‘this is love…. I can never think abt any other guy like this again’…. I passed out of college, we broke up…. this time I cried for a week and thought about him for 6 months more…but that was it I moved on….

Today I’m Twenty-Three and I know that I really don’t know what love is…
Is it just enjoying someone’s company irrespective if his looks, his status, his background? Is it being mentally and physically compatible…sharing the same wavelength? Is it being with the person who’s always there for you and with whom you can share the all your thoughts, happy and sad…? Is it liking some one with whom you can just be yourself…all pretences, all masks put aside?
At different points of time different people assume importance in my life and I like all of them for what they are and am extremely compatible with them…yes I have some special people in my life who pull me up from the lows, are jubilant in my happiness…But I know I’m not in love with them…I do no get the feeling of wanting to be with them forever…Im not self less enough to love them without expecting something in return…Im really waiting to experience that emotion where I can love someone and not expect them to love me back….. And maybe then I’ll really be in ‘love’.

Kabhi Phool Dena, Manaane Ke Liye
Kabhi Door Rehna, Sataane Ke Liye
Aur Kabhi Kabhi Khamosh Baithe, Baahon Ke Sahaare
Sooraj Bujha Na, Saagar Kinaare
Phir Raaton Ko Chaand Ugaana
Vaise Pyaar Ke Naam Pe To Yaaro Sab Hua Hai
Ab Yeh Pyaar Bhi Ho Jaye Bas, Itni Dua Hai
Bas Itni Dua Hai

Janmo Ke Vaade, Har Baar The Kasam
Kabhi Jaan Kehna, Kabhi Kehna Sanam
Aur Sau Sau Baar Yeh Kehna
Hamein Pyaar Hai Tumhi Se
Le Aayenge Ham Taare Zameen Pe
Jo Kahoge To Jaan Bhi Denge
Vaise Pyaar Ke Naam Pe To Yaaro Sab Hua Hai
Ab Yeh Pyaar Bhi Ho Jaye Bas Itni Dua Hai


SOO-BEER said...

hmmm ... its difficult to say what is love ... wait for it and once u experience it , u will definitely know it .... I guess the incidents that you mentioned are may be more of crushes/infatuations than love

Gaurav said...

Hey Saumya. I don't know if you're from SPCE. I'm assuming you are cause I saw Subir' post here. Well, I'm from Subir's class and just happened to be browsing your page.

Well, I think we all have had similar experiences in our lives. As we keep hearing, this is Kalyug. To do anything unconditionally for anyone is not something that we see often.

Also, the scary part for me is that, the person who you eventually get married to, will also change with time and might not be the ssame person who you originally signed up to be with in the first place. Then what?

Well, all I can say to that is, if we expect, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. No expectations, no disappointment!