Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Thank you B!

Quite an ol post from my earlier blog....but as CAT results are round the corner......here it goes

The IIMs have always been a dream for me. A magical wand, which suddenly transforms you into this extraordinary mortal with smartness, wit and money in a single package. It was the platform that could help you soar the greatest heights in life. I always imagined men and women with unparalleled intelligence being a part of this institute.
A part of this image was shattered when I got an interview call from one of the IIMs.I was shocked, startled, elated and jubilant that an extremely ordinary person like me could be considered to be a part this great institution. My dream was knocking my door and it beckoned me to be a part of it.
Being the laidback and fireless personality that I was, I couldn’t grasp the import of this event. A small part of me yelled out that I needed to go all out for it, but the dominant ‘killer instinctless’ part overpowered it and I drifted into my usual state of lethargy. I never prepared for the interview seriously till M called me up one day. She just said 1 thing “S do you realize that this opportunity might never come back again and this just might be your one last chance to realize your dream “. The enormity and gravity of the situation suddenly struck me. I was a changed person overnight. The small part that was yelling out suddenly surfaced like a large monster and saw me literally burning the midnight oil .I suddenly became aware of the universe around me. The preparation threw me into a sea of infinite knowledge and everyday I used to thirst for more. From Power industry to India’s Fiscal policy, from Lee Iacoca to Sania Mirza, from Intel chips to Hindustani Classical Music, I was exposed to an entire gamut of information. It dawned upon me that there are larger issues in life than just my family, friends, my job or for that matter the IIMs. I started loving this world, which showed me the whole world. It ingrained this new found self-belief and confidence in me. I felt I could conquer the world, now that I was armed with a goal and the means to achieve it! The interview was bad and I didn’t get through; but it taught me, rather made me realize a lot of things
1) The importance of awareness of the environment around you
2) The power of knowledge and its ability to transform a person
3) The gift of Internet which puts all this knowledge at just a click away from you
4) And last but not the least it has made me realize it is the killer instinct coupled with tremendous knowledge and awareness that makes an IIM grad what he/she is. IIM is not a magical wand; it just shows you the right way to use the magical wand that you already have!!!
So thank You IIMB for awakening me from my slumber and ushering the light of knowledge, confidence and ambition into my life. I owe you one!!!!


Mayank said...

Now this was "intelligent ,smart,witty and meaningful...in short just like" me!!!

SOO-BEER said...

I read the topic and I was remined of Harshil (from my class) ... He was the only one who used to say 'Thank you
B%$%$^@# ' in one sentence :)