Friday, September 26, 2008

Look who's singing!

Client site:
A voice humming : Loot jaoon Loot jaoon Loot jaaon mai us karz me
Noone reacts initially... continues humming
A little later another voice joins in : Hari Om Hari Om Hari Om Om
I presume they must be joking about Monty exerting his olfactry senses with a vengeance but I hear no giggles.. I turn back to see them singing in  all seriousness .. I act superior shoot them disgusted expressions.. they blush.. I make them feel small by saying stuff like ' o my gawd u even remember the lyrics.. how can you... have some class'
Fast forward 2 days:
Me pouring over excel sheets full of inventory numbers... suddenly hear a voice singing : Tan Tan Tan Tandoori nights...If loving you is wrong then I dont wanna be right...' Ahhhh not again!
I feel a lil breathless , my nose aches.... I wonder why and  turn around to ask for some water...
I find five faces shooting supercilious looks at me with smug expressions which said ' Look who is singing! ' 

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rachit said...

It was a very very well written article..Naive ppl (read our ex LNT mate types) to samajh bhi nahi paayenge pahli baar mein [:)]