Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shaadi Chronicles

R and me walking on the most crowded street of the city
Me to R : I think I need a diamond ring from you
R: Fair Enuf.. But you have to do something for me in return ..(with a glint in his eye)
Me( suspicious) : Ok
R:Go dancing till the mall ( which was 200 metres away)
Me taken back a lil .. regain my composure...take a deep breath and tell myself ,"Afterall I am doing this for my best friend"
I dance away till the mall .. recreating the thunder thigh actress dancing era for the onlookers...
.. Look back victoriously at R
R: No grace... you call this dance!!!No ring for bad dancers!

Moral of the Story :
1) Listen to your Mom when she forces you into learning classical dance
2) Do not marry a cheat


Lincoln said...

he he , you could have asked for a bad diamond ring for ur bad dance :)

WSW said...


aww man, RC should have given you something for the effort!

rahul nair said...

bitch.. u never danced for ur frenz in coll..
we too want to see the thunder thigh dance!!!
pls tell me RC took a vid of this.. its youtube material!!!

raju said...

nice blog dear

Harry142 said...

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