Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Bias!

My batch mate ( both of us are from one of the better B Schools in India) said, " I will never date a girl from the IIMs even if I get the chance cos she will always be better off than me"
The statement got me thinking. Would a girl from my batch say that about a guy from the IIMs.. I doubt if she would.But would the same girl hesitate to date a guy from a lesser acclaimed academic institution.. I think she would.

Why do such biases still exist. Has the society entrenched them in our mind so deeply that inspite of education,awareness and global exposure we get trapped in them..!
Even today the prize catch for a smart, educated and independent girl is a guy from the IIM/IITs who earns more than her. The qualities of supposed intelligence and current/future prosperity override the lesser important qualities of care,understanding and even compatibility at times!
The criteria that the guy has defined for the girl also hasn't changed that much ... working being an addition to fair,slim,beautiful and homely .. to help him have a better life style!I have never seen a guy aspire for a girl who is better of than him academically or economically .

To end with a classic case...
A plump girl with an IIT/IIM background earning a 7 digit salary would still bear the brunt of rejection on account of her weight by most of the guys..
And a plump boy with the same credentials will also be rejected albeit by a handful of girls...
He will most definitely be lapped up by zillions of others!


WSW said...

Dont even get me started on the education has no impact on brain cells train of thoughts.

IIM graduate rolling in the big bucks looking for traditional "homely" girls and who can bring a Civic in dowry.

If the so called upper crust is still in the last century lets not blame the others.

Lincoln said...

nothings gonna change dear in india, even if a man earns 7 figure he will still vouch for girl who can have qualties whatever u mentioned + dowry,and vice versa for women

blame our education system or our upbringing,,,,

shankar.n said...

hey.. i am a first time visitor to ur blog.

your thoughts in this post are perfectly sync with mine. Seeing some of my friends struggle to get a girl for reasons as silly as my friends company name is not much familiar (even though its doing gud and he earns more than the girl), it got me think why are they not thinking abt the qualities of the guy rather than the business card??? also there is a friend f mine, who is strict on marrying a guy with BE background, as it might lead to ego-clash between them if the guy is MCA or any other course.

finding a gud match in a arranged marriage is becoming tough day by day

rahul nair said...

my idea of an ideal marriage?
my wife earning the moolah..
while i quit my job..n go riding off into the sunset.. on my enfield...
i want to explore the whole of india on my bike...
is tat too much to ask for??

Harry142 said...

Really an IIT/IIM candidate must have salary in 7 digits i am totally agree with you.

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Subhash said...
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