Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sorry about Saree!

Scene 1
DG,TG ( name courtesy WSW) and yours truly go shopping... DG buys a very heeeppp saree for rs 2400 onnnnly! What a steal we think!

Scene 2
DG proudly shows off the saree to KG... KG gives a quick look as though making a mental note of the zari used and work done... 'Not a rupee more than 1200' she announces with confidence that would make Obama jittery ! DG is crestfallen .. as a parting gift KG says' You always like such dull colours na'...

Scene 3
Yours truly returns after the most important shopping trip of her life... She went to a store that sounds suspiciously like a 'fake female' ... best for sarees from the part of the country that her ancestors hail...
Returns home with ' the saree' ... She tells TG the price who suffers from a minor heart attack... gulps some water and recovers... TGs chest still pains... so she takes the saree to KG ... KG this time a lil unsure but still with confidence equivalent to Mrs Obama says ' Some where about Rs 2500!' TG lets out a wild scream... her chest pain has disappeared in a jiffy... Yours truly has collapsed by then...
TG goes to KG and manages to whisper ' Jus multiply that figure you quoted by 10'
and as I lay on the floor choking KG in her true style gives me a parting gift ' You guys wear such boring stuff for your marriage..'

Scene 4
DG is now elated ,for she is the lesser affected victim...

Scene 5
3 Girls taking a solemn oath:We will never show our Sareeees to KG!!!!


WSW said...


I love your roomie tales!Since living alone I miss KGs parting gifts which were amply showered on me while on the first floor of LH!!

Anyways am sure what you bought would be worth every penny, and this is a totally once in a lifetime,legal and righteous occasion to splurge right?

PS:you should post the story u mentioned in my blog!!!

Saumya said...

hahaha yes I was insulated from her gems cos of the 2nd floor... but am getting my share and more now :)...will post tht incident soon

shankar.n said...

haha.. its always better to not get feedback from the fellow gender as they might know the real quality. always flaunt ur stuffs to the opposite gender, who utter the constant dialogue like 'so pretty/very nice/fabulous'... hmm.experience speaks!!

Subhash said...
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