Monday, December 15, 2008

Literally Literary!

Picked up this post from a tag thrown open to all and the Oil companies strike has given be some free time at home to complete it... Would declare it as my almost fav tag jus behind 'fav 10 tracks' tag
My top 10 fav literary characters:

1)Karna : According to me the hero of the greatest epic ever!!!Stood for courage,loyalty and genorisity... my dream man!

2)Krishna: He would have been the best politician today...mastermind behind the epic war and then gave us  one of the deepest yet simplest way of leading a happy life... karma

3)Jeeves : I dont think I need to elaborate here!

4) Hassan : The sucker of selflessness that I am Hassan stands tall above all literary characters..except Karna maybe who was more believable

5)Scarlett O Hara : This seemingly selfish and cunning lady I believe, is the best example of grit and optimism in the world of literary characters... her last line "After all, tomorrow is another day" in my opinion pips " Frankly speaking dear, i care a damn" for the numero uno spot in the best line in the book competition!

6) William Brown: Ah noone has made me laugh more than him in my school days..Hats off to Richmal Crompton for creating such a lovable character

7)Dumbledore: The headmaster with the half moon spectacles was actually ' the one' in the Potter series..bigger than the protagonist himself .... I dont think the book should ever make a comeback now that he's gone!

8) Claudine : She hated the sports class in St Clares...jus like me!! :)... She was brazen, looked down upon the English sense of righteousness and yet so warm... 

9) Tenali Raman and Birbal : One a jester , one a minister.. both of em  sharp,witty and funny ...always marvelled at the way they solved their king's problem in the uniquest of ways... they might have existed in reality.. but stories of their wit and intellect have made them unforgettable characters in Indian children's literature... 

10)Mersault : The central character  of " The Stranger" and my favorite amongst my recent reads... His indifference,emotional detachment and remorselessness are metaphors of the world we inhabit  ... So shallow yet so profound.; Mersualt makes you rethink about all the social absurdities that define our so called evolved human sensibility !

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dhiv said...

There are so many Indian mythological/historical characters!very different!