Saturday, November 29, 2008

My City

I sit here in an alien country counting the days to get back to India...It my city again... a mockery of its spirit, a mockery of its multi cultarilism , a mockery of its open arms..

I feel anger, pain ,sorrow ... but the feeling that engulfs me and is killing me is the one of helplessness...

I face questions here..

This happens very often in India doesn't it??

Why do u look so tense ... Mumbai always gets back to normalcy!!!

People talking to me about partying on this day of tragedy like I come from a militancy infested state!!!

Why is India always blaming its neighbour?

Why didn't we talk about 9/11 in the same breath ... like a normal terrorist attack....

Because the country made it a big thing... because the common man questioned it... because he thought only if he lived and died in dignity could he demonstrate his true spirit!!!

I know its a matter of livelihood... but without ' live' there is no meaning to the word...

It is time we all came out strongly...not just asking questions in our circles but through morchas. through voting, through rallies,public demonstrations,student movements,youth movement....that's how our country got freedom from foreign rule and that is the only way we can get freedom from a weak and indecisive rule!

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