Monday, July 07, 2008

SATC : The moral of the story

SATC(Sex and the city duh!) hit the theatres, the girls changed their costumes with a lightning speed of one costume per frame, New York is once again unrealistically portrayed as the city of love and all that mush, Miranda yet again faced the cynic vs. true love syndrome, Samantha ogled at a few Greek gods reincarnated and much to our disappointment did not give into the temptation, Charlotte finally got pregnant (Thank god for that… she pestered every man in her life for a kid!) and Carrie got yet another ‘I hate commitment and you are my doormat 'treatment from Mr. Big only to shamelessly run into his arms taking cue from her assistant's 'wrecked n resurrected to realise true love' relationship !

Despite it being an outrageous and garrulous fashion fiesta in the guise of a movie, despite its apotheosis of a man’s presence in woman’s life, despite the lack of even a semblance of a story line, despite the girls looking botoxed…. I liked the movie… and I love the series!

The reason is simple. The basic underlying principle of solid and enduring friendship appeals to me. I have always been a sucker for romance more so the friendship beyond reason kind of romance. My favorite characters have been Karna ( Mahabharata) and Hassan (Kite Runner) !The girls remind me of my closest school friends M&M.These are the people who’ll stand by me knowing that I have done the silliest thing in the world and never be judgmental!

So even though Carrie and her girls come across as regressive male obsessed dating creatures… they are unpretentious, warm and caring... and stand for something extremely rare… simple,hasslefree and everlasting friendship !

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