Wednesday, April 30, 2008

GIving up being a wannabe!!

1) Watching 'all' the Hindi Movies and enjoying them was(is) like so down market ,so I started making an effort to watch English movies ,sometimes even Turkish and Korean (that's classier u know)...but what the heck I watch movies for entertainment ,to lighten my mood and lift up my spirits ...sorry ' No country for Old men 'its 'Om Shanti Om' all the way for me!!!

2)A mp3 player full of Hindi Songs is so not happening!So i tried adding the Linking parks,Norah Jones and U2s of the world but in vain... It is Beedi and Billo that get me moving ,Tashan that gets me grooving and well I find Jashn e Bahara very soothing!

3) I tried eating at the Little Itlays,Bombay Blues,The Parks of the world... their servings make me feel I am in primary school...Give me a Srishti or Discovery any day who acknowledge the fact that I am 25 yrs old and so is my appetite!!

4) And I finally I give up trying to read The Economic Times and the Mckinsey Quarterly... I really find my peace and all the news I need in Midday and Mumbai Mirror!!


rahul nair said...

"gods must be crazy" , "chor machaye shor", "encounter the killing" were our 'trials by fire'...
indeed..we are and forever will remain..
what u have described above...

Rachit said...

i reallllly loved the last point :) :)