Tuesday, June 08, 2010

From Appa-Amma to Appu and Aishu

This is a poem written by dearest sis R for Patti. I take the liberty of publishing it here for two amazingly strong girls.

Is the left shoulder that she sits on?

Whispering words of courage into my ear.

"How can I ever be gone,

When you are right here?

I am your guardian angel,

More now than you ever knew.

I am still praying and fighting

To make all your dreams come true.

You are my best child

No one can better be

I am immortal because of you

Because you love me, dont you see?

I can never be gone,

For you are but a reflection of me

I am always around,

By living you sustain me.

Dont despair my lovely child

Take in the light, the wind and the sea.

I am you and everything around you,

I could not closer to you be.

With all our love today and always,

Affectionately Amma-Appa


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