Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The hands which brought each one of us to the world
The hands which always protected us
The eyes which always showered affection
The eyes which always made each one of us feel special
The words that always soothed our nerves
The words that had wisdom so profound
The warm hug that took away all our worries
The warm hug that taught us love
The love that keeps us all together
The love that prays for each one of us
The prayers that make all our wishes come true
The prayers that sustain me and you
The soul that was a fighter
The fighter who gives us all strength
The strength that will remain with us till eternity
And that’s why we know you are always with us dearest Pati..


RagzZmatazZ said...

very nice .. read this out also.

Suhas said...

The strength that will remain with us till eternity ......

So true

Vibha said...


Ashok said...

Well put.

Batty said...

Baatein bhool jaati hain....yaadein yaad aati hain...Memories to cherish....good one...

Shruti said...
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