Monday, January 16, 2006

Gross over estimation of Self

Uday Chopra in Neal n Nikki singing…’I am Neal ,I ‘m the man, Rock star Superstar’


rahul nair said...

u must admit.. its a tad better than..
"nikki bakshi.. sweet n sexy..
full on (???!!!!) rockin..
hot n happenin..

me thinx.. uday wud have been better off singin..
"im the neel..
im on steroids..
i get paid..
to try lipstick n rouge!"

n mebbe tanissha cud have done a:
"nikki bakshi..
now u c my wonder bra..
next time around..
even tat wont be happenin!"

PS- i kno im bad at limmericks.. but i tried!

SOO-BEER said...
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SOO-BEER said...

can't bear Uday Chopra in a supporting role ... how can anyone put up with him in a lead role????